New Seward Coop – Coming Soon

Seward Coop - New Location

Carly and I had a chance to tour the new Seward Coop (we’re members) location at Franklin Ave & Riverside Ave (2823 E Franklin Ave?) during their open house on Sunday. The new location is 7 blocks to the East of their previous location and much larger, which has provided the opportunity for many great upgrades.

The new location has a larger parking lot and many more bike racks (this is just one of the sets of Seward Coop logo racks):

Bike Racks

Throughout the store, the aisles are much wider so using carts will be easier. The coop tends to attract an packaging-reader crowd, so things do tend to get congested at the current location. In the produce section island displays are on wheels to make seasonal changes easier:


The bulk section is much larger:

Larger Bulk Foods

Heated foods have increased from 3 to 11:

Hot Serve Area

Cheese has become more conversational with the new deli display:

Cheese Display

The deli has the largest increase in square footage (2.5X) with a juice bar, coffee (but no espresso), self and full serve pastries, hand-made sandwiches, and the cheese display:

Large Deli

The lounge is much larger and will offer free WiFi:

Dining Area

Upstairs, there is a new cooking classroom so keep an eye out for educational opportunities starting this spring:

Cooking Classroom

And offices. Currently, some of the employees have their offices off-site due to space limitations:


Employees have lockers upstairs, a shower, and access to a patio off the back of the building:

Employee Patio

A lot of green considerations have gone into the design of the building, including piping of natural light into the check-out area:

Solar Natural Light

Other changes include a larger seafood selection from Coastal Seafoods and a larger selection of prepared meals.

Overall, I’d say this is one heck of a great upgrade with many well-considered design decisions based on feedback from coop members. Thanks for the great work by all those involved.


8 thoughts on “New Seward Coop – Coming Soon”

  1. OMG, that is one of the ugliest buildings I have EVER seen!

    (But I still love what’s inside, so I suppose I’ll get over it.)

  2. Hi – so nice to see all of the pictures from the open house. Just a quick correction – the bike racks, which look amazing, are a design that we will be seeing throughout the Seward neighborhood. It compliments the Seward Co-op logo well but is actually a design created by Dero Bike Racks, a Seward-based manufacturer, to be a Seward bike rack. Anyone interested in getting one at their business can call Emily at Seward Redesign at 612-338-8729 x 105. Thanks!

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