Distilling CityPages for James Norton’s Work

Chow.com has a discussion (via Colin) about how to find James Norton’s weekly columns on CityPages.com.

HuaGung pointed out that you can find Mr. Norton’s articles under the articles by author section of Advanced Search.

Then someone mentioned that it would be sweet if they could subscribe to Jim’s columns. To do that, subscribe to this URL using your favorite RSS reader.

If you’d like to set up similar RSS feeds for other CityPages authors, go here.

CityPages Article Author RSS Feed

Set the fields to look like they do above. Update the Set Input variable to your favorite author’s archive page, then grab the custom RSS feed URL and add it to your RSS reader.

Twin Cities Eater

James Norton publishes both articles and blog posts on CityPages. The blog posts appear on Twin Cities Eater. If you want to subscribe to Jim’s work there as well, add this URL to your favorite reader.

That distills the Twin Cities Eater blog down to just Jim’s posts.

And if you have a different favorite blogger on Twin Cities Eater, you can filter this multi-author blog down to just their posts by inputting their name into the author field here, then subscribing to the custom URL generated.

If you’re rather receive Jim’s content via email than RSS, there are plenty of ways to convert the feeds to emails to yourself.

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