Seattle Phone Book Spam

Seattle Phone Book Spam, originally uploaded by edkohler.

This just in from Jeff’s iPhone in Seattle.

The stacking of yellow pages in a trash pile format makes a fitting statement about the value of phone book spam to the residents of this apartment complex.

8 thoughts on “Seattle Phone Book Spam”

  1. It’s nice that they love to put them in individual plastic bags, too. At least the phone book, when promptly placed in the landfill, is biodegradable.

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  3. Notice how in Seattle, which is well-known for rain, they actually TIE UP THE BAGS. Here in Minneapolis the phone book trolls don’t have the sense to do that, so they become paper pulp mush a lot quicker.

  4. I am in need of a phone book for the Seattle area dating back to 2006. Do you know where I might find one?

  5. Hi Ed, Its crazy how much waste is created in phone books esp. considering all the info is online!

    Given that these are also plastic wrapped I thought this photo would be great to show the phonebook publishers what a waste they are creating. I hope you dont mind i added the photo to our site:
    and linked back to this blog, let me know if you would like your credit link to link somewhere else.


  6. Well to start some people still love phone books (me) , and its a living (me), paids my rent, food, car, insurance, etc. so if some people don t like, let it be…………………i love phone books

  7. @Nick, help me understand your insider perspective on this: If a book is printed and delivered to a property that doesn’t plan to use it, doesn’t that mean that your company spent money on printing and delivering a book that could have been used to pay you more? Don’t you also pay taxes that cover the cost of disposing of the book that was never used? It seems like people both inside and outside the industry would benefit from the delivery of books to ONLY those who still use them in 2010. Agreed?

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