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Eden Prairie Goes Greek – Santorini’s

Santorini’s, which has been in Plymouth along I-394 just West of Hwy 169 for years now, is relocating very soon to Eden Prairie.

This location (Technology Drive at Prairie Center Drive) has previously hosted the Pickled Parrot and a number of other restaurants I can’t remember the name of right now.

If the new location recreates the vibe of the Plymouth spot, I think it will have a shot of doing better than its predecessors. There is nothing like that in EP today.

14 thoughts on “Eden Prairie Goes Greek – Santorini’s”

  1. I think that space over there in EP is cursed. At least four different restaurants have inhabited that building that I can remember.

  2. A guest at our hotel was jumped and almost robbed by four guys on november 20th right in front of the restaurant. apparently this location is getting GHETTO. dont walk around here at night

  3. There’s quite a bit of traffic through there during commuting hours and over lunch, but I can imagine it’s pretty quiet at night. None of those other restaurants stay open past 9pm. I think “GHETTO” is overstating the case. I guess it’s ghetto for Eden Prairie.

    I didn’t realize it was replacing the one on 394. I was thinking it would be an additional location. There have been temporary signs up on the building for a while, but only in the last week or two has it become obvious from the street.

  4. My sources tell me that Santorini’s is getting the boot from the current location due to a highway project.

    Perhaps the curse has dropped the lease to a manageable level?

  5. I was thinking about that after I posted….. Greg, you are totally right. Sorry.
    Actually ate at Santorini’s last night… not bad.

  6. Canyon Grill left more than a few bills unpaid when they shut their doors. Wasn’t it also Epic or was that in another cursed EP locale?

  7. The new location is great, the food it great… but if you’re going for the entertainment and some dancing.. well that leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t get my wrong.. the entertainment is fantastic!!!!! But it’s like the people who designed the new location the entertaiment was just an afterthought. How sad!!! They bring in AWESOME bands, Such as R-Factor, Soul Tight Committee and Belladiva to name a few, then stick them off in a corner by the bar, then give them little space to set up in. The dance floor isnt any better than the other location, actually at times its worse because it’s so close to the bar. The over flow from the bar hangs out on the dance floor. Even if you aren’t into dancing, and you want to just sit and watch and listen, you can hardly do that either. Certainly bad planning. Hopefully after the newness wares off and the holidays are over, managment do some refigureing and do some redesigning other wise they’ll loose the dance crowd that follows these awesome bands around town. It’s not like they can’t make these changes.. it’s more of a case of do they care enough to want to do it. Hopefully anyone who feels the same, will nicely ask managment to rethink this arrangement. Have a great day.. and don’t forget to support Live Music!!

  8. I have been to both locations and the food is great. You will need reservations for a weekend night because it is the new “hot spot”….

  9. We recently had dinner there for the first time. From the valet parking to the friendly “thank you for coming” as we left, it was just perfect! Can’t say enough about the service, the food and the atmosphere. We hope they’ll be there for a long time to come. We already have reservations for a special occassion in the future.

  10. Ate there last night for the 1st time since the move to EP. Food was okay but the service was very slow, the place was packed and the poor waitress was trying her best but just could not give good service to anyone with the volume of tables she was serving. As a former waitress, I felt sorry for her and wondered why mgmt. scheduled the crew so lightly. They were way understaffed.

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