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CityPages’ Subscriber Stats in Google Reader

Within Google Reader, if you click Discover > Browse and then search for “citypages” you’ll probably see something like this:

CityPages Feeds in Google Reader

Here’s what I see in the above screen shot:

1. CityPages main articles feed has twice as many subscribers as this hobby of mine (449 vs 216). You can help pad my stats by subscribing here.

2. Paul Demko, who hasn’t been with CityPages since April, has an orphan feed with quite a few people wondering what happened to him.

3. The Blotter’s feed, very ironically, includes a copyright notice in the description. With 56 subscribers, I get the impression that people prefer reading their news at its original source.

4. The Sports feed seems to be running out of steam. Only 5 posts in October and none so far in November? Purple Pride?

What did I miss?

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