I Subscribed to Wheat Thins

Amazon has offered a “Subscribe and Save” features for quite a while now where customers receive a discount if they’ll agree to automatically purchase a given product on regular intervals. This feature seems to be most common among grocery and household items that people tend to repurchase regularly.

I’ve been meaning to try this for some time, but doing so proved trickier than I imagined. Why? Because I haven’t put much thought into how often I restock products around my house.

Amazon’s grocery items seemed like a good place to find something to try. However, Amazon tends to sell grocery items in bulk, so rather than projecting when you’ll run out of an item you need to project when you’ll run out of 6-12-24 boxes of something.

But then I found Wheat Thins – something that you can almost always find in my house. Amazon sells them in 6-packs, and offers a 15% discount if purchased through Subscribe & Save. The longest time period for Subscribe & Save is 6 months, so as long as I can make it through one box of Wheat Thins a month, this should work out well.

I price shopped this and it looks like I’ll save around $0.80 per box, or $9.60/year on this cupboard staple vs. buying it locally.

Now I want to scale this to other products. Any suggestions?

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