Confession: I Cheated to Win This Mug Travel Mug

I have to get this off my chest: I cheated to win the above mug from the StarTribune.

Back in the day, the StarTribune used to run contests in the travel section of their website. They’d post a photo from somewhere in the world and ask people to guess where the photo was taken. I believe winning answers were put into a drawing for StarTribune stuff like this travel mug.

It turns out that the file names of the photos includes the location’s name, such as:


So while I didn’t need to rely upon that for most of the questions, it sure didn’t hurt to be able to verify my answers before submitting them by looking at the photo’s name using View > Source in my browser.

This is one of my favorite coffee mugs. But sometimes I feel like I may have stolen it from a cyber-granny who didn’t exploit the StarTribune’s online contest running ineptitude. On the other hand, I think I like my odds against most cyber-grannies in geography quizzes.

4 thoughts on “Confession: I Cheated to Win This Mug”

  1. Dang…all these confessions…you running for office or becoming a priest or something?

    Next thing you’ll be posting that you no longer drink beer!

    And then what…no more porn, where does it go from here, this slippery slope you are on, man?

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