Minneapolis’ Three Right-Wing Neighborhoods

According to this map from WCCO, only three precincts in Minneapolis didn’t vote for Al Franken by at least a 20% margin. They’re so right-wing, they only voted in Franken’s favor by a 10%+ margin.

wcco.com - Election Results - Minneapolis for US Senate

Downtown residents, U of MN students who live behind Sally’s, and Hiawatha residents, what’s the deal? I suppose I can understand downtown empty-nesters in high end condos preferring Coleman, but I don’t understand the U of MN and Hiawatha voters. What’s up?

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  1. I apologize for my neighborhood.

    Election results for 62A, which covers Hiawatha.

    Looks like Obama had 82% of the vote, but Franken only got 71%

    Obama: 18188
    Franken: 15718
    Ellison: 16752
    Jim Davnie: 17190

    One of these things is not like the other.

    Reasons for this could be Beckettwood (the old folks home on the River Rd and 43rd St), that 1960s development area east of 46th Ave, and also the Vets home south of the falls.

  2. And don’t forget the Bible College in Elliot Park – that’s what does it for the downtown precinct. I believe that it actually went for Bush in the past. (It’s in SD61 but I can’t remember the pct #.)

    Also, this is just speculation, but the area around the U might be where Ole Hovde (candidate against Phyllis Kahn) lives and/or knows a lot of people. Or maybe it’s home to a bunch of College Republicans. Who knows?

  3. Those people you’ve heard of who got comments in the paper as kids who didn’t understand freedom of the press and other basic tenants of our society back in 2002 and 2004 — they’re in college now.

  4. This can’t be tolerated. Root out these mouth breathers and get them out of town.

  5. The Elliott Park precinct has the bible college (and many of its students) as well as a lot of senior buildings (there are at least two tall towers and several other senior residences). It has the highest Republican index of any precinct in Minneapolis.

    The precinct by the U has 4 dorms and 2 private dorms. It’s generally liberal, but it’s also more likely to reflect statewide trends. If I recall correctly Ventura won it in ’98 and it’s usually the precinct where Phyllis Kahn’s opponents come closest to beating her.

    The precinct that you id as being in Hiawatha is Minnehaha Park, Waubun Park, and the Vets Home. There are no homesteaded properties in the precinct – it’s everything south of the parkway, east of HWY 55, and west of the Mississippi. All the voters are ex-military and I will offer no interpretation of the returns in this precinct.

  6. There is some hope that not all students are brainwashed – or that not all residents were hustled by a tax evading, washed up second rate comedian.

  7. Michael, I have to ask: What does the state of MN’s election results tell us about Coleman’s track record over the past six years? Based on your opinion of Franken, it should have been a slam-dunk for Coleman, assuming he did a half-way decent job representing MN over the past 6 years.

  8. This was a year for Democrats. Many centrist, non controversial Republicans lost elections nation wide due to their opponents riding the coat tails of Obama. Obama deservingly won, not disputing that – but let me ask you, what does it say about your guy Al Franken in a state where Obama won by 8 points, that Franken is now in a re-count. Any other DFLer could have won handily. This is not a slam against Coleman’s voting record, I feel he has been right most of the time – but a slam against the DFL for being fooled into letting a failed radio host and carpetbagger hijack the party and put the DFL in the situation they are in now.

  9. Okay Thomas, you are in Minnesota now, so stop screwing around like you are in FL. Name the incumbent MN legislator who lost this year?

    Carpetbagger Kline made it…Batshit Bachmann made it…Pack it in Paulsen made it in replacing Ramsted….hmmmmmm, who might be the only MN incumbent who is at risk…oh, yeah, your guy Coleman, the standup guy who couldn’t win cleanly in the state where even hide-in-the-bushes Bachmann won.

    You might not like Franken, but seriously, do you have any respect for how Coleman has represented you…based on what, might I ask, because I don’t see it based on anything in his record.

    It is a free country, feel free to vote for Coleman, but don’t waste my time with your cheerleading. He is a tool, at best the better of two evils…and that is only if I shrug and walk away from your baseless arguments because it is not worth my time.

  10. Other Mike –

    I don’t recall trying to personally convince you (or anyone) to vote for Norm Coleman. I didn’t realize this was your blog and that comments went to you personally.
    There were Republicans in the state house that went Democrat, and several congressional and Senate races accross the country that went Democrat. Funny you point to Michelle Bachman winning, because many of my friends on the left insisit it was the third party candidate that gave Bachman the election.
    Coleman has represented Minnesota by working to keep the Ford plant open, farm and rural issues, medicare, the right side of taxes and defense. He was a great leader in St Paul, and has been a good Senator representing Minnesota.
    Once again my argument which is not baseless is that a DFLer should have been able to do better in a state where Obama won by 8 points, especially after the phony lawsuit against Coleman was made public days before an election. I am sorry the DFL chose the only guy that could lose.

  11. Let me clarify a couple misconceptions–
    –This is not my blog, I am merely here as a commentor like you.
    –Your argument is not baseless, merely misleading. I’ve been here Norm’s entire political career and cannot think of a single instance where Norm took a stance or provided leadership. Norm is a good politician, he flies with in the direction of the wind, no more, no less.

    I really don’t care to debate his meager accomplishments, let’s leave it that he is not meeting my expectations for senatorial leadership and he works for a party that has lost its way.

    But, let’s say he wins the recount and goes back to Washington…to what future?
    –will he walk the talk that he parroted in the campaign, reaching across the aisle to get things done for the country? What is your confidence level he will play a key role in anything meaningful in the next 6 years? What is your confidence level he will survive the ethic investigation that must come? Durenburger was taken down for less than what Norm is involved in, this is not Larry Craig wide-stancing restroom behaviour, is it.

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