Is There an Election Today?

Hiawatha Bike Bridge GOTV
Crackberry Photo by Carly Kohler

Just because people in Longfellow are standing on bridges waving signs at cars doesn’t mean there is an election today. It’s a fairly regular occurrence. But I have confirmed with a number of sources that there is, indeed, and election today so get to the polls and do something about the next 2-4-6 years in this city-state-country.

Look up your polling location here. Bring a book and a black pen if you have one (apparently, they’re a little short on ink).

2 thoughts on “Is There an Election Today?”

  1. Sadly one of my co-workers was rear ended yesterday, badly, because the driver behind him was looking up at the sign wavers on an overpass. Doh.

  2. Sharyn, I think there was an accident being cleaned up in the Northbound lane of Hiawatha when we were driving past taking the above photo. Looking up while approaching a stoplight is not a good thing.

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