A Good-Faith Effort to Avoid Movie Piracy

If someone wants to watch a movie today, they have quite a few options.

They could download it illegally from the web.

Or they could rent it from a local video store.

Purchase it online.

Pay to download it.

Have it delivered through Netflix (or stream it if it’s available).

Pay per view.


There are lots of legal options.

But what about this: what if someone makes a good-faith effort to acquire a movie through legal means, but that channel fails?

For example, if someone receives a DVD from Netflix that’s unplayable, then downloads the exact same movie to make up for Netflix’s failure, do they have piracy immunity?

Pushing it further, could someone claim piracy immunity by subscribing to Netflix, then turning around and downloading pirated copies of movies rather than dealing with unreliable plastic discs or a small streaming catalog?

What do you think?

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