Twitter and Facebook Update Status Suggestions for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are in an interesting breed of business where there is often a large crossover between business and personal relationships. Because of this, tapping into the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a very smart marketing strategy, but only if done with some tact.

An effective strategy for this is to use Twitter, the status update within Facebook (or both) to shed some light into your business day.

Here are some example Twitter message / Facebook status updates worth considering:

1. Heading to my open house at 1355 Main Street East

2. Just wrote up an offer for a client. Wish em luck!

3. 312 Franklin Ave has an incredible view of downtown.

4. Just listed 1234 Oak Lawn Dr. Create backyard for kids and dogs.

5. Trying to get in touch with seller’s agent but he won’t return my calls. Aaaargh!

Messages like this remind your friends and family that you’re out there working on behalf of clients every day. You’re not selling but reminding them that you work in real estate so when it comes time for them to make their next real estate transaction you’ll come to mind. And, of course, it has the potential to lead to more referrals from your friends and family members.

Show some emotion. Show that you care. Show that you work hard for your clients.

Of course, few friends will want to hear about your work life 24-7 so try to figure out an appropriate balance of work and non-work related updates and a post volume that your network will find reasonable.

Good luck!

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