DEX Phone Books Strike Northwest Washington

Lisa pointed me to a post on Responsible Marketing where they talk about an issue familiar to regular readers of The Deets: phone book spam.

Apparently, DEX is currently spamming Northwestern Washington state with their unsolicited ads, which inspired the post.

Responsible Marketing suggests that something similar to a do not call registry could be a way to solve this issue. I think that’s a good point. The current industry preference of consumer opt-out is a horrible option since it forces consumers to opt out every time another phone book is delivered (they seem to multiply like rabbits). It does nothing for people who’ve, years ago, quit relying on unsolicited printed directories for local business information.

PM also found this YouTube video of a guy wandering his neighborhood where he found DEX directories delivered to vacant properties:

This is a nationwide problem that the industry is failing to address on their own.

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  1. I just moved from St. Paul to Denver, CO. While scanning craigslist for jobs, I found a posting for a short-term job delivering phone books. Pay is $0.18 per book. Workers getting paid per book delivered could certainly help to explain so many books left at abandoned homes.

    According to the post, “Most people average 60-100 books per hour making $10-$15 an hour.” Not bad pay, honestly.

  2. BT I live here in Denver and have amassed more phone book rants than I ever thought I would.

    I’ve had at least five different deliveries this year, including a little “pocket” phone book. There’s even Verizon – which isn’t even our local phone company. (just sells the Yellow Pages here.)

    And to think those paid to delivery the phone book would take the time to cross-reference a “do not deliver” list is laughable. They just want to get the job done.

  3. Ed, thanks for keeping us all informed. I used the email you sent me about this issue as the basis of a blog entry.

    Oh, also I went to that Kelsey Group blog you told me about, and told them exactly what I think of unwanted phone book dumping. I hope everybody goes to that blog and gives them a “virtual earful.”

    It would be great if you’d be at the Hawthorne Housing Committee meeting about this issue. If you can’t make it, I could really use your talking points.

  4. John, there are some great comments on that post. I’ve added my thoughts there too.

    I’ll work on a document for you for the Hawthorne meeting.

  5. I worked for Melissa and Production Development Corp (Denver) in Santa Fe and Espanola. The promise was that we would be paid one week from turning in the route. It is now two weeks later and we have yet to hear from Melissa. I have called 3 times and have left messages every time. This is NOT a job. DEX phone books has no idea what a small New Mexico is like. We were asked to write in addresses that they did not even know existed. There are brand new homes in many of the areas. They had a form that said, ” Are there any residences or businesses in this area, if so write them in and deliver them.” We did just that. They said there were about 1000 addresses in the route. There are more than 2000. We delivered 1500+. We were told to turn in the paper work before we were able to get the remaining 500 documented and delivered.

    I called Dex Dex Corporate Executive Offices
    George Burnett – CEO (no longer CEO) according to the manager who answered the phone
    198 Inverness Drive West
    Englewood, Colorado 80110

    The manager said it was not DEX’s responsibility. From what Melissa told us in the orientation meeting, it most certainly is.

    They owe me and my partner $530.00.

    That makes -$20.00/hour not counting gas and expenses.
    When we do get paid, it will be less than minimum wage.

    Kari and Michhael

  6. My granddaughter and I were hired by product development to deliver phone books in Casper Wy but never paid. I wll not rest until I am paid. i will report to the BBB and

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