Too Lazy to Choose Your Own Apples?

For people who are incapable of picking out smaller apples for their children on their own, we have HoneyBabies at Lund’s.

Why go through the hassle of choosing apples by hand when you can get 5 cardboard and plastic wrapped apples for $5.99 (currently on sale for $4.99)

Because they’re packaged, they have to be labeled. Contents: 5 Apples.

6 thoughts on “Too Lazy to Choose Your Own Apples?”

  1. I picked a 10 lb bag of apples off the tree at Minnesota Harvest this weekend for $10. Even if you add in the considerable cost of gas for the 80 mile roundtrip I still beat this deal by a longshot.

  2. But Matt, you had to strain your brain deciding which apples to pick. What if you only wanted small apples? Surely, that’s worth extra.

    And they throw in the cardboard and plastic for free!

  3. Many of the crazy disney style orchards around town get in the $3.50/lb range for honeycrisp – like $35 for a 10# bag that you pick. Yes, that’s absurd, but it’s what they get.

    That said, even many of those orchards mark down the ‘small’ honeycrisps because who wants small apples, right? I guess the honeybabies people do. And they repackage and mark-up and holy cow that’s a great model if it works.

  4. I don’t know why people like packaging so much. I heard a rumor that you dislike the Yellowpages. I too dislike the Yellowpages. I don’t know anyone who still uses this book to find shit, but they still keep coming.

  5. That seems like a really good way to sneak some less than appealing apples into a package. Why wouldn’t you want to choose your own?

  6. I’ve seen individually packaged hot dogs – IN A BUN! – in the grocery store before. The hot dog was placed in the bun, and then packaged. I mean, REALLY?! There are people out there who are too busy to buy them separately?

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