StarTribune and Yellow Pages Neighborhood Destruction Tag Team

A Deets reader in West St. Paul, Dylan, sent in before and after photos from a neighbor’s vacant home that has been trashed by the StarTribune and our local Yellow Pages companies.

Here’s the before shot:

StarTribune and Yellow Pages Spam

And after Dylan decided to clean up after the StarTribune and local Yellow Pages companies, he had an entire trash bin full of print spam.

StarTribune and Yellow Pages Spam

Dylan breaks down the damage done by our local print spammers:

The biggest culprit appears to be the Star Tribune, which appears to have been dropping off free promotional copies of the Sunday edition for several months running. Yellow Book and Dex are big contributors, too.

Why oh why do companies think it’s smart to drop off more and more unsolicited printed material at a house that’s clearly not picking it up? Are they going to figure this out on their own? I have my doubts.

StarTribune, RH Donnelly, Idearc Media Group, and Yellow Book USA, Inc., you are hurting neighborhoods in the Twin Cities by failing to act like good neighbors.

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