25 Not-Very-Technical Things Journalists Should Understand in 2008

I continue to be surprised at how many journalists continue to struggle with web publishing. Here are 25 must-knows for people publishing content to the web in 2008:

1. How to create a link. Both using a WYSIWYG publisher and hand coded. Put it on a Post-It next to your desk, or Google it if you can’t remember how.

2. How to embed photos and videos.

3. How to properly cite other sources. Understand that people are more generous on the web so you may run into trouble if you play by offline’s rules.

4. How to buy a domain name.

5. How to buy an ad on Google AdWords.

6. How to use an RSS reader.

7. How to set up Google Alerts.

8. How to do some advanced searches such as phrase matches, negatives, and site-specific searches.

9. How Wikipedia works and changes over time.

10. How to join conversations on other blogs.

11. How to moderate comments.

12. How trackbacks work.

13. How to upload photos and video to the web.

14. How to record audio.

15. How to shoot video someone beyond your immediate family would find interesting.

16. How to measure a your content’s performance.

17. How to use Facebook and LinkedIn.

18. How to use Twitter.

19. How to build upon stories you found on blogs.

20. How to edit live stories.

21. How to do a round-up post.

22. How Creative Commons works.

23. How blogs make money.

24. How to find subject experts on the web.

25. How to deal with trolls.

If you’ve written advice posts regarding any of these subjects, drop a link to it in the comments.

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