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Will Republican Erik Paulsen Get Banned from Wikipedia?

Erik Paulsen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Erik Paulsen’s supporters know more about the Internet than John McCain, but don’t seem to know how to read Wikipedia’s editorial policies. Because of this, the 3rd Congressional District Republican candidate, Erik Paulsen, is on Wikipedia probation and could have his bio removed at any moment.

Not surprisingly, the biography of the candidate I support, Ashwin Madia, is not violating Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines.

4 thoughts on “Will Republican Erik Paulsen Get Banned from Wikipedia?”

  1. Nancy Pelosi’s wikipedia entry reads like political propaganda too.

    The last time I tried to make a change, it was blocked from edits.

    Far from providing mere biographical information, it’s a laundry list of her positions on numerous issues. Clearly, it has been authored by her staff.

    Not even Hillary Clinton’s wiki page is such blatant propaganda.

  2. Is it unbalanced or not written from a FOX point of view?

    I’m sure something like Pelosi’s bio will never be done, but as far as biography’s go, it seems well documented. I agree that there probably are more blemishes to Pelosi’s career than her Wikipedia entree show but it’s not a straight ad. For example, her position on abortion – as it reads today – is definitely not written from the perspective of someone on her staff.

  3. Paulsens page reads like a bad resume, all fluff no substance.

    I especially like the citation needed tag after:

    “Paulsen loves spending time with his family and coaching soccer.”

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