Minneapolis Crime of the Week

2X4’s are less lethal than guns:

3200 blk California NE: Suspect assaulted victim with 2×4 wooden board; officers apprehended suspect few blocks away, victim taken to hospital: Arrested/AGGRAVATED ASSAULT/FLEE
CID investigating

38th Street’s latest issue:

38th/Nicollet Avs: Victim walking to car when unknown Hispanic male approached her; as she started to unlock car, male demanded victim’s money in Spanish; victim had no money, suspect then displayed handgun; 2 other suspects, 1 standing near acting as lookout, another in “get-away” car; suspect with gun then tried to force victim into his car; victim fought her way out of car, storekeeper called 911 (license plate MN
RRP656, 1997 maroon Nissan Maxima)
CID investigating

If our local drug dealers watched The Wire, they’d know that you never speed while carrying drugs in your car. It’s just common sense.

2nd/Washington Avs N: Officers observed vehicle speeding, changing lanes without signaling, stopped vehicle and noted that driver acting suspiciously, furtively; driver had no license, determined to have outstanding felony narcotics warrant; passenger, vehicle’s owner had suspected marijuana, alcohol in vehicle 7 alias identities: Arrested/NARCOTICS/Moving violations
CID investigating

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