Why I Don't Worry About Voter Registration Fraud

Every four years during the month before the presidential election, national news sites run stories about voter registration fraud. This year, the target of much of the stories is a non-profit organization called ACORN that knocks on doors across the country and registers voters.

Not surprisingly, they end up with some bad data. In some cases, canvassers are paid for productivity and end up falsifying voter registrations to improve their personal performance.

This is reported as scandalous, but I don’t care.


Because there is a HUGE difference between voter registration fraud and actual voter fraud. You can put as many names as you want on the voter rolls but unless someone shows up at the polls on election day to actually vote under the false names, there was no fraud.

What’s most humorous is hearing the press read names of fraudulent registrations under names like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Do you think your vote is going to be countered by someone showing up at the polls to vote under the name of a cartoon mouse or duck? Not a problem.

Legitimate voting concerns should focus on efforts to keep people from voting. That’s a real problem that really does impact elections.

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