Opt-Out Seems Reasonable to All But the Yellow Pages Association

The Yellow Pages Association boasts about how they managed to defeat legislation in Washington state designed to increase awareness of the opportunity to opt-out of phone book deliveries. Why can people be sent to jail for sending unsolicited email, yet phone book companies are allowed to drop pounds and pounds of paper spam on our doorsteps:

Yellow Pages Association | Public Policy


The Washington state legislature has introduced House Bill 3326. This legislation mandates that publishers and distributors of telephone directories abide by an opt-out registry. Specifically, a publisher must develop a way for recipients to opt-out of delivery, provide clear instructions to the recipient regarding how they may opt-out and the opt-out instructions must be printed on the front or back cover of the directory.

HB 3326 was passed by the House Technology, Energy & Communications Committee on February 6th by a vote of 8 to 4. The bill has now been passed to the House Rules Committee for further consideration. YPA has engaged the assistance of a veteran lobbyist in Olympia to help educate legislators about the Yellow Pages industry and to defeat this bill.

After several weeks of intense lobbying, we are very pleased to report that as on February 19th we successfully defeated HB 3326.

Does that proposal sound unreasonable to you?

This industry is shockingly out of touch with America.

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