Norm Coleman Held Accountable – Pulls Misleading Ads

As Aaron points out on Twitter, Norm Coleman has pulled some of his negative attach ads from YouTube:

Norm Coleman Pulls Negative Ads

For example, I embedded Norm Coleman’s campaign ad called “Real” into this post. In that post, I suggested that Norm must be getting desperate if he’s claiming that Franken opposes drugs for seniors. Seriously, that’s what Norm Coleman’s ad said before he said he approved that ad.

Why pull the ads?

Perhaps it was in reaction to being called out by Franken in this ad where Franken points out that Coleman used a clip from a positive story to create misleading ads.

Or, perhaps the Coleman campaign pulled the ads from YouTube in order to keep the Franken campaign from mining other Coleman ads for misleading clips?

Or, maybe he’s losing support? Why is Norm Coleman’s commercial featuring Sandy Keith missing from YouTube?

Missing Sandy Keith Ad from Norm Coleman Campaign

Here is what’s left:

Norm Coleman's Videos as of 12pm October 10, 2008

Check this screenshot against what’s left here.

I get the impression that the biggest threat to Norm Coleman’s campaign at this point is accountability. Hold him accountable and watch his squirm.

2 thoughts on “Norm Coleman Held Accountable – Pulls Misleading Ads”

  1. That is because the enemy of a bad politician is accountability. Norm is the master of sliding through elections and then offering nothing in the way of solutions once elected.

    Then getting re-elected based on his experience, not on his record and certainly not on his leadership.

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