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Yellow Pages Delivery Spam Discussed on Flak Radio

Jim Norton and Taylor Carik were kind enough to invite me onto their radio show to discuss the Yellow Pages Industry’s phone book spam policy that led to my trip to Idearc’s Eagan Campus to return an unsolicited phone book to their plastic putting green.

Click on the link above for a variety of listening options, or click here to jump directly to the segment featuring yours truly.

Halving the phone book.
Photo by SHERWIN!!!

One point of clarification: At one point, I state, “I’m sure they’re [the yellow pages industry] using some sort of environmentally friendly paper – as friendly as it can be – still, to create something that people don’t want . . . ”

To which Jim Norton responded, “That’s very charitable on your part to assume that. Because, based on the fact that they’re whole strategy is to litter tens of thousands of unneeded phone books everywhere, I don’t know that you want to propose anything . . .”

To which I responded:

“Well, it’s a relative green thing, kind of like Clean Coal.”

I’d just like to point out that Jim was right. According to the Yellow Pages Association’s own figures, the majority of the material that goes into creating Yellow Pages is NOT, I repeat NOT, recycled material. Only 40% of a phone book comes from recycled materials. The Yellow Pages Association calls this a high figure. I call it a failing grade.

To illustrate the point, dust off a copy of the yellow pages in your basement and tear it in half. The large of the two halves represents what came from non-recycled sources.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Of course, they’re still producing phone books for people who don’t want them at all, so they’re completely FAILING at REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE since they refuse to reduce and actually fight efforts by states to implement reduce legislation. Reuse is an interesting option, since consumer can certainly use phone books are boosters for kids, although yellow pages advertisers are probably not interested in spending money on ads so children can step on them.

3 thoughts on “Yellow Pages Delivery Spam Discussed on Flak Radio”

  1. Great post. if you look at http://www.YellowPagesGoesGreen.org you can find a lot of facts concerning the yellow page industry. They have been under attack by the YP Industry stating their facts are bogus. At the end of the day the site is allowing people to opt out from having telephone books spammed on their front yards. The YP Industry does not get it. If people want a book – great. But for the people that do not want one you do not have the right to drop them off.

  2. Alex, I signed up with your site quite a few months ago but haven’t noticed any drop-off in phone book deliveries yet. Could you let us know a bit more about what success (or lack) that you’ve had getting phone book companies to accept requests submitted through you?

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