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Seward Neighborhood: Not McPalin Friendly

Dear Seward Democrats,

Stop stealing Republican lawn signs. You’re acting almost as stupid as some of Republican candidate Erik Paulsen’s supporters, including Michael Brodkorb, who runs stake-outs at suburban Perkins locations, then harasses people when they lawfully removing signs from public property.

Political hostility in Seward

Hoffman took over Gabrick’s role so Gabrick could address the organization, temporarily, as an individual. Gabrick said he and his fiancé, and his downstairs tenants recently put McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden lawn signs in their yard to display their political beliefs. In the two weeks since the signs have been up, Gabrick said he’s been verbally harassed by a number of people over the McCain-Palin sign and that his “direct neighbors [are] beginning to feel heat” because of the sign, too. The high school-aged son of Gabrick’s neighbor was recently verbally accosted by his peers for the sign, Gabrick said. The sign has since been stolen, he said. “I am not asking you to protect me as an individual,” Gabrick said. “[I would] like to ask for your assistance to end a certain amount of intolerance [in our neighborhood]…” Gabrick said he was drawn to Seward because of its openness and tolerance and was alarmed by the events that transpired.

Hoffman said he was “at a loss as to anything we can do, other than acknowledging this is a very real issue.” He added that he was sorry to hear about the intolerance, but wasn’t sure a statement from SNG would effectively address the problem. “My take is [the people who are saying these things] are the people who couldn’t give a good goddamn what the SNG board of directors says,” Hoffman said.

Board Member Adrienne Hyde said she is a firm believer in calling 911 or 311, and said Gabrick should do that to document the behavior.

So you really think a vote in Seward will be swayed by a presidential lawn sign for either candidate?

5 thoughts on “Seward Neighborhood: Not McPalin Friendly”

  1. Was this the guy that lived by the Clicquot Club Cafe and had the McCain Palin sign? I was surprised to see that in our neighborhood, but I suppose someone has to be the devil’s advocate (zing!).

    Obviously it’s wrong to steal or take yard signs. I was a little disheartened when one of the yard signs was taken from My Yard Our Message, but I prefer to think that it was taken because the theif found it too cool and wanted it, not a McCain hater like this case.

    I do find it mildly amusing that the guy who is supports a supporter of the “agents of intolerance” (McCain on Pat Robertson) is complaining about intolerance.

  2. If it is any consolation…a friend had their Obama sign stolen within hours of being put up in their yard in Woodbury.

    Equality in America?

  3. For some reason I find it very funny that people get so upset over a sign that they have to destroy it or steal it. And equally funny that people complain about it when it happens to them.

    And do we even know who is stealing them. It could be a bunch of damn kids who took it just for fun.

  4. When I got home last night someone had torn up my Coleman sign. I have the same right to put up signs for the candidates I support and no-one has the right to destroy my property. I’ve always respected others and their property. The same thing goes for stickers on the back of my car – I could tell someone had recently tried to peel then off. I really don’t care if Minneapolis isn’t a Republican friendly city – no one has the right to disrespect my rights.

    Rob L

  5. I will be so happy when November 5th rolls around. These elections really show how depraved we can be. For example, my mom and I were at Hell’s Kitchen a few weeks ago for breakfast sitting next to two woman in their late 20’s, early 30’s. One was doing all the talking and loud enough to make it impossible to not hear her. After going on and on about her run with a famous female politician that was fawning all over her, she decided to jump on Palin, remarking, “I’m so sick about hearing about her damn Down Syndrome baby. Who gives a shit? One is born ever 30 seconds in this country! And her fucking pregnant daughter. Fucking white trash!” I would have said something had I not been so stunned that someone would make such a statement. Did I fail to mention that this was within 10 feet of the packed foyer on a weekend morning? All I can say is ‘wow.’

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