Reselling Craigslist Items on Ebay

I’m pretty darn sure someone could make a living by buying items off Craigslist them reselling them on Ebay. It’s not glamorous, but should bring in some decent cash in short order.

Here’s how.

1. Go to Craigslist’s Electronics category.

2. Look for items that aren’t complete crap.

3. Search to see what the same item is going for on Ebay. For example, this person is selling an XM radio for $40 (obo) that sells for $50 to $70 on Ebay.

4. Make an offer for ~ half of what the item sells for on Ebay. You won’t get them all, but you’ll get quite a few at this price point if you’re fast and courteous.

5. Take a picture, then reuse the ebay listing for the previously highest closing auction for the exact same product (click on Completed Auctions to find it), copy the listing and post your sale. It’s a time saver and is probably well written.

6. Sell, repeat.

There you have it.

You may be able to turn this up another notch by getting the Craigslist sellers to ship stuff to your Ebay buyers. Could be a time saver. Give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Reselling Craigslist Items on Ebay”

  1. Since eBay strongly discourages copying listings in the manner you suggest. In fact, should someone report it to eBay, your account will be suspended. There’s nothing wrong with the tactic overall, just don’t copy anyone else’s listings or pictures.

  2. Ed – I have been telling people for years about my plan for world domination via Craigslist arbitrage.

    You don’t even need ebay – just hit the craigslist free page, go pick the stuff up, and re-list for a price, with free delivery.

    There’s some junk on the free page, but mostly big/bulky stuff that people don’t want or can’t deal with.

    So you need:

    1. A truck
    2. Ability to lift heavy shit.

    Not for everybody, and marginally more work than the scrape-and-re-list, for sure, but the return is better I bet.

    Lets sponsor a contest…seriously…30 days, biggest return on capital.

  3. Alex’s comment sounds like one of those too-good-to-be-true home loan packages I’ve been reading about. Wonder why that is….

  4. Jason –

    I know, those 30 year fixed rate home loans are so confusing, aren’t they? Somebody should investigate!

    Good Question: What does a 30 year fixed rate mean?

    You know you love me, and I need you to confess this publicly before my tender feelings get hurt.

  5. I turned $100.00 into 50K over the past 1.5 years so yes it works. Plan is to turn that $100.00 into 120K by Dec 2012. I’ve never felt as free as i have over the past 1.5 years. It is hard work with setting daily goals, improving the item your selling and marketing is key.

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