Norm Coleman Must Be Getting Desperate

While political advertisements often find ways to stretch the truth in favor of one candidate over another, I don’t think I’ve seen someone go as far as Norm Coleman (who approved this message):

Norm Coleman's Latest Misleading TV Ad

Personally, I find this advertisement embarrassing for my senator, Norm Coleman. Does he actually believe that anyone – ANYONE – opposes drugs for seniors? What an absurd claim.

This isn’t a 3rd Party advertisement from an anonymous hit group. Norm Coleman “approved this message.”

The specifics of the absurdity show that Coleman’s claims of supporting drugs for seniors came on a bill that wasn’t passed. A perfect chance to talk the talk without walking the walk.

However, Coleman did vote for the bill that made prescription drugs universally more expensive for seniors by making it illegal for the US government to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

By voting against making drugs more affordable, one could make the relatively short leap to the conclusion that Norm Coleman “Opposed Prescription Drugs for Seniors.”

Why does our senator of 6 years spend so much time attacking his opponent rather than running on his record? If Coleman won’t talk about what he’s done over the past six years, he doesn’t deserve another six.

Here’s the full ad for your viewing pleasure:

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