A Message to Newly Hired PR Professionals

Dear PR Spammers,

I’m been wracking my brain trying to figure out why you send spam to the people who write blogs you clearly do not read. For the longest time, this practice of yours has made no sense to me, and I finally think I understand why you do what you do.

I think that you think that bloggers have more time than you do. Or, maybe you just think your time is more valuable than that of people who share ideas with the world on a daily basis?

I imagine that you’re scrambling for time between scraping the web for blogger’s email addresses, crafting the perfect non-solicited email to send to those bloggers, and attending lots of boardroom meetings. Put that together, and I can see how your day would be stressful.

I also imagine that your perception is that the bloggers you spam are less busy than you are. How hard can it be to write something original that builds and maintains an audience on a daily basis compared to crafting spam emails?

And I imagine you have the word “junior” in your title and hope to replace that someday with “senior” or “director” so you may be willing to step on a few toes to improve your pay grade.

But here’s the deal: Every influential blogger I know is one majorly busy person. In addition to blogging, they do things like work for startups, craft business strategies, design things that have never been designed before, come up with the ideas that change companies for the better, travel like crazy, write freelance articles, have families, have hobbies, and like to sleep a bit from time to time.

I think if you had a better understanding of the lives of the people you’re trying connect with, you’d come across as much less shallow and, frankly, disgusting.

And get this: some PR people actually get this already. They take the time to get to know people, figuring that quality beats quantity. They’re the ones who’ve mentioned Twitter, Google Reader, and going out into the real-world to meet people from time to time. Get to know them. They’ll show you how to do your job better.

I hope you haven’t found this too insulting. It’s the result of dozens of emails PER DAY that I receive from those of you who show no respect and hurt your industry.

Peace out.

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