One thought on “Hockey Mom’s for Truth Come Out Swinging”

  1. Classic Jeff Goldstein: dig up a whiny, semi-humorous clip, then use it to trivialize Palin’s very real issues.

    I’m kinda shocked to learn that you read Protein Wisdom. In the past I tried to dialogue with Jeff by email, but he published the email AFTER I had conceded that I hadn’t read the entire contents of a college notebook he had posted. (I read about ten pages of text that had a very clear meaning, but apparently on page 11 he wrote “and all of that is, of course, bullshit” — and based on that bit of bait he shredded me in his blog for what I had written in a private email. )

    A very slippery, very pugnacious blogger with little or no ethics (and coming from ME, I’d say that’s a pretty serious charge). This guy makes Michael Brodkorb look like a wine and brie liberal.

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