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View from Fairview Park in North Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis from Fairview Park

While the quality of this camera phone picture sucks, you’ll have to take my word for it that the view from the top of Fairview Park in North Minneapolis is impressive. To get there by car, go West on Broadway from 94, then take a right in Lyndale. It’s around 1/2 a mile North on the right starting at 26th Ave N.

I was standing just about where the “r” in Park was when I took this at around 10am on Labor Day.

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Just behind me, where the “e” in Fairview is, a couple was trying to have sex at the time. The guy didn’t like the the fact and I was trying to enjoy the same park as him for different reasons, so he made a threatening motion toward me that I understood to mean, “kind sir, could you please give me and my whore some privacy?” I complied, then called 911 before this pent up dude went off on someone else trying to enjoy the park for the panoramic rather than pornographic views.

Sorry dude. Your rights end where mine begin.

6 thoughts on “View from Fairview Park in North Minneapolis”

  1. That is the best place (excluding highrise apts/offices) from which to see fireworks in all of Minneapolis too, I believe.

  2. My step-mom, who is 80 calls it Fairview Park, and she says I’m wrong about the name being FARview park. When my kids and I used to have picnics up at the top in 1980, we used to put hand to forehead, and say “What a FARview from here”. (Thank God..we never had people having sex there, then!)!!!

  3. I currently am purchasing a house on this park and therefore have been doing some research. I have been trying to solve the “Fairview” vs. “Farview” mystery. The city sign at the Park itself now officially calls it “FARview.” However, I’ve heard that older residents once called it “FAIRview.” I found a book from 1920 that cites who (can’t remember the name) had named the park “FARview” and indicates it was due to its “far view.” However, city directories from 1890 call it FAIRview. It appears this confusion has existed about as long as the park itself!

  4. I will always call it FARview….as that is what the sign says, and always said.
    I luved that park!

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