Is Tim Pawlenty Gay?

I’ve noticed a big uptick in search referrals from people who are wondering if Tim Pawlenty is gay. Here are some of the example searches:

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I suppose that could be one theory on why McCain would choose a less qualified governor than Pawlenty to be his running mate on the GOP ticket.

One has to wonder why McCain, who’s had a chance to get to know Tim Pawlenty quite well over duration of his campaign to date, would pick someone he’s only met once or twice over someone he’s gotten to know quite well.

So, is Tim Pawlenty gay or not?

Who cares?

Oh, wait. A good portion of the people who’ll vote for John McCain this fall would care.

I suppose Pawlenty doesn’t need to be gay to be disqualified for being gay. Maybe he comes across as gay enough to make homophobes question his heterosexuality?

I sincerely hope that this isn’t the reason Pawlenty was passed over for the less qualified Sarah Palin.

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