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The RNC Welcoming Committee Receives a Preemptive Visit

Apparently, the RNC Welcoming Committee received an unwelcomed visit from the police tonight, who don’t seem to think the RNC Welcoming Committee’s plans for the upcoming RNC convention are well thought out.

Below is the publicly published first step of their strategy on how they plan to crash the upcoming RNC convention:

How we get there (the strategy):
1. Start Strong – Throw all of our energy into the first day. We’ll kick this off right and stretch the militarized police state out so far that it can no longer contain and suppress our voices and desires.

Yeah, well, I guess that’s not going to happen. According to the RNC Welcoming Committee’s publicly published calendar, they were going to be “busy” starting at 9pm tonight. At 9:27, it turned out they were, indeed, busy sitting around in handcuffs while the police sort out what the heck they’re up to:

The convergence space is currently being raided. Police burst in and are using force against people. Everyone inside has been handcuffed. Estimates of people inside currently vary between 20-70.

Someone responded asking what they could do to help. The response they received was, “Do something wild.”

Frankly, it doesn’t sound like this group is interested in a public debate. Rather than discussing issues that matter in this country, they’re more interested in preventing people they disagree with from expressing their opinion. To me, that is absurd. You may not agree with someone, but you should at least allow them to speak. It you’re right and can come up with a better argument people will listen to you without resorting to behavior such as what they publicly planned.

Here’s a map to where the action is:

View Larger Map

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