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Minnesota’s Biggest Weather Junkies

Where do Minnesota’s biggest weather junkies live?

One way to find out is to look at which zip codes are getting the most weather searches on Google. Google’s Suggest feature helps guide us toward which zips are popular among weather checking addicts:

Weather 55---

Drilling down, here is what the 554– zips around Minneapolis look like:

Weather 554--

And the 551– zips near St Paul:

Weather 551--

Personally, I open the door to find out what the weather is like. Old school.

3 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Biggest Weather Junkies”

  1. I have an iGoogle widget that tells me the weather in the three zip codes I spend the most time in. I don’t even have to do a search!

  2. I’ll actually turn on KARE weather plus before I go outside because the unknown scares me.

  3. You’ll also have to factor in the sheer number of times my mother, who lives in Milwaukee, searches the weather in the Twin Cities so she can warn me about impending hail or tornados.

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