How to Improve Twitter: Unfollow Notifications

Twittter is all about positive reinforcement. They make people feel good by sending out new follower notications like the one below every time someone new signs up to follow your Tweets:

New Twitter Follower Notification

That’s cool, but I think it’s also one of the things that causes Twitter abuse.


Because people only see the positive. They’re offering carrots with no corresponding stick.

If people received an immediate notice everytime they LOST followers, they may use that feedback to increase the quality of their tweets over time.

Twitter today is all about self-esteem building rather than providing real, objective feedback on what others think of the tweets they send.

While there are certainly people who could care less about this, working under the mindset of, “I’ll tweet about whatever I want and if people don’t want to follow me, that’s fine with me,” there are also people who do care about their followers more than themselves. These are people who are interested in building large, valuable, audiences who would appreciate knowing when they’re pissing people off with overly offensive tweets or burning out their followers with heavy tweet volumes. Unfollow notifications would provide this information.

And I’d also like to see someone figure out how to generate a list of MOST UNFOLLOWED Twitter users. This, to me, would be extremely valuable since other Twitter users could study those users to figure out how they’ve managed to churn through so many followers.

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