Date-Raping Frat Boys Oppose Lowering Drinking Age

I haven’t seen a press release from the Date-Raping Frat Boys of America yet, but I have to assume that they would be in opposition to the proposal to lower the drinking age in America from 21 to 18 years old.

It’s so obvious.

Control: Clearly, it’s easier to roofie a co-ed in the controlled environment of a house party.

Cost: If 18-20 year old co-eds hang out at bars rather than house parties, the cost of getting them drunk will skyrocket. I don’t care if it’s 2 for 1’s or lady’s night, the cost per drunk girl goes WAY up when you switch from kegs or store bought alcohol.

Convenience: The opportunities for cock-blocking by less-drunk friends increase dramatically if you have to get your prey home rather than just up the stairs.

This is essentially a tax on date-raping frat boys.

3 thoughts on “Date-Raping Frat Boys Oppose Lowering Drinking Age”

  1. I’d also add that while most bartenders will (or at least are supposed to) stop serving a girl who’s falling down drunk (or appears to be because of a roofie), whereas the date-raping frat boys can keep serving a girl as long as they like.

  2. Yes, let’s move underage drinking back to high school where it belongs.

    I saw where a survey of college presidents was in favor of the 18 drinking age…is that because it moves the underage issue back to high school? I noted the survey of high school principals was not posted, I wonder where they stand on it?

    But, my thoughts on drinking are different anyway, I say let them drink at 10…maybe then families will teach responsible drinking habits to their children and these kids will get it out of their system and actually start acting like adults when they are in college.

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