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McDonald’s McLobster Sandwich

Bored McBoard

I generally consider lobster to be a seafood delicacy – it’s certainly priced that way – so when a real estate broker from Prince Edward Island told me that McDonald’s and Subway both carry lobster sandwiches, I thought, “Huh?”

The “Gentle Island” – Prince Edward Island, Canada

Ed I know you are a burger fan so I would go with the lobster burger- hey even McDonalds has a McLobster sandwich here and Subway has a Lobster sub. If you come up- my treat…but I will not take you to a McDonalds or Subway

Joel doesn’t sound like a big fan of fast food lobster.

Here’s what it looks like from McDonald’s perspective:

and here is a customer’s reaction:

I think I’ll stick to beef or chicken at McDonald’s.

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s McLobster Sandwich”

  1. Something’s “fishy” about that sandwich. McDonalds is just a “shell” of its former self. Subway is trying to “claw” its way into fastfood superiority.

  2. I’m not sure which grossed me out more; the idea of a McLobster sandwich, or the way that the lady in the video above eats her food!!!!

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