North Minneapolis Slumlords Face Questions

Johnny Northside has a great play by play of a Minneapolis citycouncil meeting where North Minneapolis slumlord properties faced possible demolition while slumlords received their last chance to make a case for saving buildings they’ve neglected.

Johnny’s color commentary is excellent, as usual, including this nugget from a property where the owner has proposed a new policy of no male guests and full body cavity searches of women. Yes, you read that right. Here is an example of the problems at the property:

Fairly Bad Stuff At 1422 Golden Valley Road

On March 17, 2007, a resident of Apartment #1 was shot in the head when somebody from Apartment #4 fired an assault rifle in the building. Police described holes and bullet fragments. It really sounded like Apartment #4 would not be getting their damage deposit back.

It’s nice to not have neighbors like that.

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