Pregnancy Test Search Patterns

Pregnancy Test Search Volumes

One thing Google Insights shows about humans (anthropologically) is that they’re human (psychologically). For example, the above chart displays the popularity of searches for “Pregnancy Tests” on Google over the past 90 days. See a pattern there?

1. The lowest search volumes are on Friday and Saturday.

2. The highest search volumes are on Monday and Tuesday.

Hmm, I wonder what happened over the weekend. Say, Saturday night? This patter repeats itself week after week. A similar pattern exists for hangovers, but shifts a day earlier. Correlation? Perhaps.

If you were in the pregnancy test business, you may be able to use this data to adjust advertising based on demand. At least, I imagine that’s one of Google’s intent in providing access to this type of data.

To me, it’s interesting to note that the states with the highest proportion of pregnancy test searches are also the states with some of the least progressive birth control policies:

Pregnancy Test Searches by State

Apparently, your “pregnancy test” search volume goes down when you “condom” search volume goes up:

Condom Searches by State

Practice safe web surfing, people.

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