CityPages vs MinnPost – Monthly Visitors

Here is an interesting chart from While their data isn’t complete, making the people count in the table at the bottom likely far from accurate, I tend to find the data reliable for trend information on sites with a decent amount of traffic.

One factor: The daily must-read that is the Daily Glean compared to the less relevant Breakfast of Champions.

2 thoughts on “CityPages vs MinnPost – Monthly Visitors”

  1. Ed – thanks for the shoutout. To be fair – and I’m not contradicting you here – BoC is designed to do something different (index CP’s blogroll) than Glean (index everyone’s blogroll).

    I know our traffic is up smartly, but I doubt we’re as close to CP as the stats indicate. They did some server switchover a month or so ago, and, initially anyway, that’s never kind to the growth curve.

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