St Paul Inline Marathon Results

Ed In St Paul Inline Marathon, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I raced in the St Paul Inline Marathon this past Sunday for the second year in a row. That’s me in the Gatorade jersey drafting off Kent Kosobayashi from Minneapolis and Rodney Friedman from Oceanside, CA according to their bib numbers. Good times. Full results can be found here.

Year over year, things went very well. I dropped my time from around 1 hour 35 minutes to 1:29:07. Big props to Paul Jahn for his accurate prediction of my finish time.

There are two reasons for this. First, I’m in a bit better shape and a bit lighter weight compared to a year ago. Second, I moved up from the Open wave to the Advanced wave where more people of my ability compete. This makes a huge different since drafting plays a huge role in this sport. Last year I won my class. This year I was middle of the pack, which makes sense.

The course was a little wet at the start due to some morning rain. This made the congested field sketchy the first few miles. By mile 7, I realized I went out too hard by hanging onto the leaders of my wave and almost puked. At that point, I slowed it down, thought about dropping out, and ended up catching onto some skaters who caught up to me.

The wind was strong out of the East, so the first stretch was fast, but the trip back to downtown St. Paul and out of Wagner Rd. was tough. We then turned around and rode the wind back to the US Bank turnaround and faced the wind on our way back to downtown and the finish at Mears Park.

I ran some numbers on how competitive I am in running marathons vs inline skating marathons and found that I’m around 50% back from the winners in running marathons based on my most current finish but only 20% back from the winners in this inline skate race. That makes sense since I lean on technical skills to help overcome my current cardiovascular condition.

I plan on racing the Northshore Inline Marathon this fall. It’s on the Grandma’s Marathon course and is supposed to be very fast and fun.

If you inline skate and would like to go out for a workout, let me know.

Photo via, who has over 100 excellent photos of the race.

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  1. Ed, that’s still just an amazing time. I think it was only 15 minutes behind the pro-open winner and these are literally some of the fastest skaters across the US and Canada.

    See you up at the North Shore skate! The last three blocks are definitely nicer than that uphill in St. Paul.

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