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Westin TP – San Francisco

Westin TP – San Francisco, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Quick update on the Westin TP scene. Again, they’re now folding it in a uniform manner, but this time it looks like their may be some rhyme to the reason.

I think they’d call this their “style” or something. Not sure.

Ben from is also in SFO and is staying at a different Westin, so I’ll check in with him to see is what he’s found.

Developing . . .

One thought on “Westin TP – San Francisco”

  1. True confessions…back in OR, every time, and I mean EVERY time I reached for the TP and saw a fold, I hesitated and cringed and thought ‘damn, I hope Ed got his fold photo, because I can’t just leave it at this point’…and then I kinda felt trained.

    Is that a bell…why am I salivating?

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