Money Saving Tips: Never Shop at Target

This is the first in what is so-far a one-part series. Everyone seems to be feeling some pain due to rising costs of things like gas and travel combined with slowing of raises at work.

Because of this, I thought I’d put together some tips I think are helpful for maintaining a tight budget.

Money Saving Tip #1: Never Shop at Target

Target is a great store. It offers convenient access to a wide range of products, are easily accessible for just about everyone in the Twin Cities, and their prices are very competitive. All good.

However, as the local joke goes, if you walk into target to pick up a few things, you end up leaving with $100 worth of crap. If you’re trying to maintain a budget, this is not a good thing.

A better strategy, in my opinion, is to shop at stores where you’re more likely to find ONLY what you need and NOTHING else.

For example: Walgreens. When was the last time you impulse purchased something at the counter like blank VHS tapes, Valentine’s Day candy, or joint cream? It doesn’t happen. Sure, their prices aren’t as competitive as Target on many items, but the measure shouldn’t be savings on a product by product basis. The only number that matters is the one at the BOTTOM of your receipt.

Prescription Decisions

If you happen to get your prescriptions filled at Target, I strongly recommend you consider the costs of doing so. Why are you forcing yourself to visit a store on a regular basis that costs you more money than you save?

Target also seems to have the slowest pharmacies I’ve ever been to. But what incentive do they have to improve? Target probably makes more money off of you by forcing you to wander around their story throwing random crap that you don’t need into your oversized shopping cart.

Break the habit. Avoid Target.

5 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips: Never Shop at Target”

  1. I agree on the pharmacy comments. I actually switched from Target pharmacy to Walgreens for prescriptions…several 24 hour locations AND their computers are networked nationwide so you can get a script filled even if you’re traveling. Target requires you to have the store number of your last prescription and then they call that store to get approval…way too old school.

  2. I can’t avoid the “as seen on TV” gadget aisle in Walgreens. Gets me every time. Also, last Valentine’s Day, I got my wife some joint cream and blank VHS tapes. Damn you Walgreens!

  3. Walgreens’ makeup and skin care isles are way too tempting for me, as well. All sorts of weird creams and potions that speak to my inner impulse buyer.

  4. We do a lot of business with Target pharmacy and one thing we had long suspected and only recently had confirmed is a little scam they pull to keep you coming back. Even though we have standing orders for monthly pharms. they never have a complete order. It is necessary to come back in a few days and pick up the balance. Well, everytime you go in the place you always pick up this or that and naturally wind up spending a bunch. They do this on purpose and this was confirmed by an employee. I refuse now to buy anything when we go for prescription pickup and we are looking at another pharmacy.

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