WiFi Policies by Hotel

I’m currently writing this from a Westin Hotel where I’m unhappy. Why? Because, after paying a good chunk of change for a room, dealing with pleasant staff, and finding an immaculately prepared room upon my arrival, I was then forced to pay $13 for an Internet connection.

That’s insulting.

So, after reluctantly coughing up the dough, I hopped online to see what I could learn about which hotel chains offer free WiFi and which ones don’t. And what did I find? This awesome chart from HotelChatter.com:

Hotel WiFi Chart

Thank you. Thank you, Hotel Chatter for putting this together. It will be a great guide for me when booking future travel reservations. I now know that I should never stay in any of Starwood Hotels’ higher end properties. Why should I pay more for a room that comes with an additional WiFi tax on top of the higher room charge? That’s absurd.

It looks like the charging for WiFi policies of major chains are pretty consistent: The more you pay, the more you pay. If that’s the case, I’ll pay less to pay less. Instead of 3-stars or more, show me 3-stars or less.

Next step: Does anyone know of a travel site that allows users to filter for hotel properties with free WiFi? That’s something I’d find truly valuable. Expedia doesn’t seem to offer this, or if they do it’s certainly not obvious to me.

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