A Saved Smoke Stack

Unlike St. Paul, the town of Garibaldi, Oregon decided to save their city’s smokestack:

Garibaldi Oregon Smoke Stack

This is from the Hammond Lumber Mill, built in 1928. The rest of the mill has since burned down but it’s an impressive reminder of the town’s past.

The Google Satellite View shows the impressive shadow cast by the stack.

5 thoughts on “A Saved Smoke Stack”

  1. Did you like the trees growing inside the stack? I thought that was cool. Oh, and Anne and i bought Cherries at the stand that you show in the right of your screen. Road trip cherries are good, very good.

  2. I loved the stack. We skipped that particular cherry stand since we were already cherried to the max after a stop earlier in the day. Our beat roadside fruit was Hood River (or Mt Hood?) cherries in Troutdale.

  3. They are tearing down the smoke stack in Garibald, Oregon as I write this.

    I never saw anything in the news regarding this.


  4. those are the best cherries i ever had on on the right before the smoke stack TOTALY THE BEST CHECK THEM OUT ,, AND HOT WOMEN WORK THERE TOO.

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