What's Going On? #1

This is a quick look at what’s going on around the web today:

Apple Insider is reporting that you can now use an iPhone without the phone. Perfect. A lot of people are pleased with their phones, but would love to have an iPhone to replace an aging iPod.

Read/Write/Web takes a look at email’s future in a world where blogging and Twitter are growing in popularity. I know that blogging has cut down on the number of emails I send. Rather than send interesting things I find to my friends, I just publish them to a blog. Over time, the blogs help me discover others who share similar interests, which is something email never did.

Seth Godin wonders why marketers are considered to be more similar to lawyers than statesmen. Can’t someone market products effectively while maintaining the honesty of a statesman rather than blind advocacy?

Microsoft’s Don Dodge says that Microsoft was smart to buy search start-up, PowerSet. Whatever improves MSFT’s current search offering is certainly a good thing. Time will tell whether this does any good.

In real estate news, MinnPost, together with 612 Authentic, take a tour of homes for sale for $25,000 in Minneapolis. Century 21 agent, Constance Nompelis acts as tour guide.

Minnov8 reminds us that towns that were bypassed by the railroad shriveled up and died, which has some interesting parallels for today’s railroad: broadband. The Minnesota legislature passed a bill to create a high speed broadband task force to figure out how to provide broadband throughout the state. Unlike the railroad, broadband could conceivably provide service to every town and every home – if we work together to make that happen.

Copyblogger takes a look at how long blog posts should be. In my opinion, you should stop when you have nothing left to say, so . . .

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