Camo Black ICE High Gravity Lager Beer

10.5% Alc/Vol in a 24oz can. That’s more than four typical cans of lager in one easy to carry – but hard to swill – can.

4 thoughts on “Camo Black ICE High Gravity Lager Beer”

  1. Found the best ways to handle this stuff is to get it right near the freezing point, some ice forming is the best way. 2nd cut the air off to ur nose and take a big swig. 3rd get a chaser with something that smells and tastes good, like henrys or widmeir beer.

  2. It certainly has a distinct taste , if i were to describe the beer would be like someone tossed some cheap wine into some miller GDraft beer .
    dont think i will buy again unless I need to get rocked fast, or short on cash

  3. Im drink me a can of this shyt right now and it’s hittin me nice! What the hell do u ppl expect for $1.50! Get sh*tfaced in an inexpensive way!

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