Minneapolis Crime of the Week

A case of pizza blogging gone bad?

1st Av/4th St: Officers received info that man wearing yellow t-shirt was brandishing handgun in parking lot pizza restaurant; officers tracked down suspect’s vehicle, found his ID, silver handgun in plain view on seat, gun recovered
CID investigating

Running: A green alternative to ambulances after getting shot:

400 blk 3rd Av N: Officers called to double shooting in parking lot behind night club; victim who is known gang member, ran to HCMC; second victim arrived at Regents Hosp
CID investigating

You’re pretty much screwed if the stolen cell phone in your pocket rings when an officer calls the stolen phone’s number. Will he get the book thrown at him for the taking the soft drink?

2600 blk Colfax: Homeowner outside doing yard work when suspect entered rear of her house; suspect took soft drink, cell phone, cash; victim spotted him in back yard, called 911; while initial officer took report, another located suspect; in addition to being IDed by victim, suspect was carrying cell phone which rang when the officer called the victim’s phone number; suspect had other items from victim; Arrested/ BURGLARY (4th arrest in Mpls)
Precinct investigating

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