Pushing Google Reader's Limits

Don’t try this at home.

I bumped up my Google Reader subscriptions last night from around 350 to 7570 for a work project. Fortunately, the blogs are very low volume so the increase in blog consumption wouldn’t be that significant.

However, it turns out that Google Reader had some problems with this:

Google Reader Subscriptions

Or, more specifically, Firefox or Safari would both time out before opening my subscriptions.

Luckily, Google offers a subscription management page under the Settings tab so I was able to filter for, and unsubscribe from, the newly added large batch.

Now I’m looking for other ideas on how to make this work. I tried using Yahoo Pipes to generate a single RSS feed from a 7000+ feed OPML file but ran into time-out issues with that as well.

Do you have any ideas worth trying? I’m sure Google Reader can handle the post volume – just not the individual feed volume – so how can I generate an aggregate feed of a large OPML file?

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