Dumpster Dog Poop Dumpers Deterred


36th Street East is a popular route for dog owners on their way to West River Road for a run or walk with their dogs. Unfortunately, it appears to be a bit too popular for the home owners who happens to have a dumpster parked out front of their house.

They’re fighting the problem by plastering their dumpster with notes to dog owners:


With both portrait and landscape printing:


I like to think about the home owner sitting at his or her computer pounding out the all-caps note and running one off the printer in portrait mode with slightly unsatisfied results then thinking, “I’ve got it: landscape! That will really get the message across.” They would then go on to think about whether they should just throw away the portrait version and decide to use it anyway while realizing that the landscape version is the one that will most likely deter the neighborhood’s dog poop dumpers.

9 thoughts on “Dumpster Dog Poop Dumpers Deterred”

  1. It’s a hard thing for me… my city trash bin is fairly reachable from my sidewalk and alley because I live on a corner. Sometimes dog owners will clean up after their dogs and put the shit, in a bag, in my trash bin. I don’t like the smell and I especially don’t like having to worry about squishing it with my regular rubbish.

    But I’m glad they don’t leave dog shit in my yard.


  2. Hmm… it makes you wonder if someone just threw straight out, bagless poo in there. Like Aaron, I would be miffed that others are throwing their dog’s shit into my trash bin, but if it’s bagged, that’s preferable to stepping in it.

  3. Shouldn’t the signage be on the sidewalk side for greater effectiveness…or do they get a lot of driveby doodoo dropoffs?

    I wonder if it is the homeowner OR the Rent-Me dumpster people who added the signage. As a homeowner dumpster renter, I would care less if a few ounces of dog baggage ended up in the dumpster I’m getting ready to fill with old plaster, grandma’s wardrobe, and shredded trim boards. But the dumpster people often have to pay different amounts to the garbage/landfill people based on what they are hauling in, so it could cut into their profit margins. So if the homeowner cared, it might be because the dumster people passed that cost along and gave them the incentive to add the signs.

    BTW, a photo link correction is in order for the landscape – http://www.flickr.com/photos/edkohler/2530574777/
    (feel free to edit this out when corrected :))

  4. Holy doggie doodoo, the deets ate my comment.

    I want that 10 minutes of my life back!

    All that wit and information lost for another generation…so sad.

    Oh well, in brief, without wit–
    The dumpster people may have posted the signs, afterall it is their dumpster and not the homeowner’s problem to clean out.

    Also, some landfill / dumps categorize and charge based on the type of garbage within, so if they see poop bags it might put the garbage into a lower category with a larger charge to dump there, cutting into the dumpster dude’s profits.

    Lastly, you might want to correct the link to the wrong photo above for the landscape.

  5. I must admit being tempted to drop of my little bag of Mr. B’s business in a neighbors’ trash from time to time (but never a roll-off construction debris bin).

  6. Hmm. I often will grab and bag the presents my dog leaves, and head straight for the nearest trash bin. Sometimes it’s a dumpster at a nearby school, but more often it’s a bin from a neighbor. These bags are tied and not going to burst in their bin — am I really pissing people off with this habit? It just seems so much more preferable to leaving it or having to carry the bag all the way home. Hmmm…

  7. …am I really pissing people off with this habit?

    Well, you’re not pissing me off, per se, but the shit stinks. 🙂

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