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T-Shirt Car Seat Decor Questions

T-Shirt Car Seat Decor

I have so many questions about this Green Bay car’s decor:

1. When was the last time the shotgun seat’s shirt was changed? Hasn’t Saddam been captured (and dead) for a while now?

2. Isn’t the Got Milk question kind of strange on a Hooters shirt?

3. Are those clouds on the back seat?

4. Did anyone, ever, really say, “So Damn Insane!” about Saddam Hussein?

5. What is the relationship status of this car’s owner?

6. Where are the Packer colors?

One thought on “T-Shirt Car Seat Decor Questions”

  1. On question number 5, not only do I think the car owner is single, but he has probably not had a lot of passengers in the car for the last five years. Otherwise, someone would make him take off the shirts.

    (I know I’m going out on a limb assuming the car owner is a he.)

    In Green Bay, it is perfectly acceptable not to have Packer’s colors on your car. Although, a flag or sticker on the outside is not too much to ask. During the football season, however, you better have some visible indication of your support of the Green Bay Packers on your car or person, otherwise you will be suspected as a secret Bears or Cowboys fan.

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