Which Side of the Long Tail Should You Start On?

Imagine this: your business decides to spend money on pay per click advertising but doesn’t have unlimited funds.

I imagine it’s not too tough to imagine that scenario.

Given a limited budget, you’re faced with decisions on where to spend a limited amount of money on pay per click advertising.

One approach I’ve been discussing lately with colleagues is – given a choice – would you be better off starting on the near or far end of the long tail of keywords. Should you spend your limited funds on gaining visibility on the most common search terms used in your industry? Or should you focus on the most specific terms a person may type into a search engine that are also relevant?

In my opinion, a business would generally be better off starting at the far right and working their way to the left from there up to what their budget allows. This strategy allows businesses to focus limited ad dollars on the most targeted terms that are further down the buying cycle. Terms in this category tend to be cheaper on a per click basis and convert at a higher rate than higher search volume, more generic terms.

Not everyone agrees with this, but I think it’s a sound strategy. What’s your take?

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