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New Dunn Bros Coming to Powderhorn Neighborhood

New Dunn Bros on 38th St E at Park Ave S

Here is a great sign of optimism for the Powderhorn community, and more specifically Bryant and Central neighborhoods: A new Dunn Brothers planned for the SE corner of Park Ave S at 38th St E.

A neighborhood seems a lot less tough when people are walking around carrying Dunn Bros coffee cups.

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9 thoughts on “New Dunn Bros Coming to Powderhorn Neighborhood”

  1. This location just makes sense with the commuters driving down one way Park on the in to downtown.

  2. Ed – you may be getting a bit too excited, though the confusion is understandable.

    I’ve driven past that sign for months, and if I’m reading it right, it’s an APPROVED Dunn Bros location, but not necessarily one a franchisee has expressed interest in.

    I think it’s gone begging for quite awhile.

  3. My sense of time is highly suspect, but I believe that sign’s been there for close to two years. I go by it at least once a week.

  4. While I’m glad it’s potentially a Dunn Bros. and not a Caribou or Starbucks…I still wish it was a locally owned coffee shop that reflects the personality of the owner and the neighborhood.

  5. Dunn Bros across the South Metro are not doing well with both Apple Valley and Rosemount locations closing in recent weeks. I did an interview with the co-owner of the Apple Valley location and she had this to say:

    From http://www.lazylightning.org/exclusive-dunn-bros-owner-on-founders-circle

    It was fueled by the downturn and phenomena such as tips on how to save money. You do know what one of the most popular suggestions on those lists were don’t you? Give up your daily coffee at a coffee shop. I wonder if the writers realized how many people they were putting out of business due to those lists?

    Interesting thought. Perhaps all Dunn Bros locations (potential and current) are having the same sort of issues?

  6. Hmmm, so it was the media’s fault for suggesting you’re better up making coffee at home rather than losing your home?

    Seems like picking a business that depends on the disposable income of people who are financially overextended may have something to do with it too.

    Next time, cancel the cable and keep the cappucinos. Wait, don’t Comcast employees have families to support too?

  7. Ed,

    I think she was just trying to say that it didn’t help on top of the planning and construction issues that have plagued the area for the last 3.5 years.

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