Paying for Power at Airports

I’ve been disgusted with just how bad airports, in 2008, are at accommodating the needs of business travelers.

As I understand the world of travel, business travelers are the ones who pay a lot for their tickets. I also get the impression that most major airport budgets come from landing fees, which are largely derived from planes carrying business travelers.

With that in mind, doesn’t it seem strange that airports force business travelers to sit on the floor because they don’t put outlets near chairs?

Weary Business Traveler
Weary Business Traveler Charging His Blackberry

Is this how you treat guests in your home? You can plug your computer in over there and sit on the floor?

Some airports are providing Internet kiosks like this one for travelers:

Internet Station

In this case, it includes the option to pay for power.

Internet Station

A better option is to unplug the Internet kiosk that nobody uses and plug in your computer to the wall.

One other option I’ve found for the truly power-hungry. Tell the gate attendants that you have a special condition. After entering the ramp, set up camp at the outlet within boarding ramp.

Airport Ramp Power Outlet

Give it a try and let us know how what kind of reactions you get.

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